Endless Set

Endless Set, 2007


This piece is set of pillowcases decorated with prime numbers.  Each pillowcase is made of the same number of fabric scraps as the prime number decorating it, i.e. prime number 3 is appliqued onto a pillowcase made of  3 scraps of fabric.  The white fabric prime number is the same inches high as itself, i.e., prime number 3 is 3 inches high. As the prime numbers get larger than the pillowcases, the excess white fabric is folded back and layered over.  As the prime numbers get increasingly larger, there is more and more layering and they more completely obscure the pillowcase made of increasingly smaller scraps.

I plan to continue the series until I am no longer physically able to make the pillowcases according to this system.  I expect the breakdown of the system to occur at the point where the number of fabric scraps making up the underlying pillowcase will be so many that the scraps will be too tiny to sew together.  This series is a contest between the concept of infinity and the limitations of the physical world, including my body.